Looking for an artist, for an in my opinion fun game concept.

Updated on March 29, 2017 in  [C] Non-commercial
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0 on March 29, 2017

Hey everyone,

So after a long time I finally got a game concept again!
By that I mean I haven’t been doing any game dev for basically almost a year now (just a few months short of a year) but now I have a new game idea.

And here comes the problem I have with any game idea, be it 2D or 3D, I really just suck at the creative side of game development (or any development what so ever)

So now finally my question, is anyone willing to just make this game with me? (you can obviously discuss the things you want to change to the idea, cause well it would be “our” project and in my opinion it then also has to be “our” idea.

And yes I can already smell some of you guys getting the urge to type: “But Job nobody wants to help you if you don’t tell us the idea.” Welp to bad for you email me at info@jobrapati.nl and that’s when I tell you…

Just kidding guys!

Here it is:
Super Mega Amazing Secret, But Not So Secret, Game Concept

If you’re interested please either post a comment here or contact me on Discord. You can get my tag by joining the server >:)

Please do not email me since I barely read that one.

F.A.Q.B.N.S.F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions, but no so frequently asked questions)
So I really wont earn any money?
Yeah… no probably not. If the game would become a success I might put a donate button somewhere and the earnings from that button will be split. However I see this scenario as highly unlikely.

So you have been rambling on about this idea, but what kind of art is it you seek?
Are you open to other art styles?

So when I want to talk to you on Discord do I have to just add you as a friend?
NO. The chances of me adding you as a friend when I haven’t seen you around in the Discord server or on the forum are pretty small you can just send a direct message to me 😉

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