Line Climb! new Android Game now on Play Store.

Updated on August 29, 2017 in  [S] Finalized projects
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2 on August 28, 2017

Hello community.
Over Brackeys amazing line rider tutorial i create ‘line climb’ game and released it on Playstore for free below is download link.

Line Climb is fun 2D side scrolling game where you draw your path collect different power-ups to draw different lines and challenge your friends with new high scores .

The game is itself a single level (infinite 2d side scrolling) game  where you draw path for your driver collect power ups to easily increase your score and defeat your friend’s high score….

The game is actually inspired by some of most popular games like Hill climb + Line rider + angry birds and created with the help of Brackeys tutorials .

This is exclusive on android …..

Note:- A paid version is also available for this game (Without ads) , you can show your support by buying paid version .

Special note to play the game:- Be fast while drawing path because it costs ink while you draw the path, So draw your by sliding your finger quickly (just a tip) other wise you are free to play with your best…

– Very addictive
– No ads
– Offline Play
– Different Paths
– Amazing Graphics
– Sharing Score with your fiends
– Beat there Hi score and send them back :)
– Infinite Fun !!!
– No pause in game
– Interactive Driver :D
– Kinda Sanbox

Playstore Link:-…

Twitter:- @vvictorstudios





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0 on August 29, 2017

Please give a feedback on this , it’s free to download. ..

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0 on August 29, 2017

Well I can’t download your game right now because my phone is broken and is being fixed, but from the youtube video my first impressions are:

The burning sound is annoying, maybe you should add some catchy music.

The realistic flame from behind the car doesn’t quite match the overall colorful unrealistic feel of the game.

The score font also doesn’t look too good, maybe you should try something less playful and more strict.

The game doesn’t look too difficult and interesting, maybe you should add more interaction like changing backgrounds, changing music, different buffs and debuffs that you can pickup also maybe some obstacles that you need to avoid.

Also I think you should change the car sprite.


Well thats all. If my impressions seem a bit harsh to you, remember, that this is just criticism and you should accept it. I’m not pretending to be some game dev genius that knows everything. I myself have only released one shitty android game 😀 . Anyways, congrats on finishing a game, thats always a big acomplishment.

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