Issues using Brackeys’ Tileset Template (PSD, Photoshop)

Updated on February 7, 2018 in [A] 2D
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3 on February 6, 2018

Hey y’all,


I’m trying some things in Unity and I want to start working on a small pixel game.


After watching some tutorials on the Brackeys youtube channel I wanted to get started on a very basic tileset so I could paint a small map to start building a small game.


Using the tileset template from the Tileset video, I ran in to an issue immediately that I couldn’t resolve through watching the video twice / using google so i’ll ask it here.


When I make changes to any tile, let’s start with “side tile”, there’s resampling applied to the sprite that I made. Look at the screenshot to understand. The image settings are all already on Nearest Neighbor (hard edges) so i’m stuck at why it’s still resampling the sprite. (the sprite is a test, it’s not my final sprite!)





I’ve pretty much made my own document that is inspired from the template, working with smart objects is pretty easy! Create a folder, right click it and make it a smart object. Then you can edit that group just like in the tutorial.

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0 on February 6, 2018

again, the sprite was a test to show the resampling issue, not what i’ll be using for my world map 😉

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1 on February 6, 2018

Yeah I would think the nearest neighbor setting would fix it. I’m not sure why it’s still like this, but I would try relaunching the whole thing and reset the settings just to be sure.

on February 7, 2018

Sadly that’s not working :/ still really blurry in the preview tileset document.

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