Updated on August 24, 2018 in General
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2 on August 19, 2018

It’s really Frustrating to be following the “Tutor” and getting Different results and there’s no one to ask for help after sitting down for so long trying to learn what is been tutored and end up with Different results which the tutor didn’t get, Sometimes I feel Like I’m Wasting My Time……..Sad. I thought When i go to Forum.Brackey’ there would be persons i could relate My Issues to but it seems Everybody having there own issues to deal with. This is very time consuming and i Put a lot of brain work into it sometime when I get up from the Laptop i have Headaches because I’m not getting the same Results…….

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1 on August 24, 2018
How will a person know out to fix a problem when in the tutorial you didn’t see the tutor have that problem

on August 24, 2018

An essential part of programming is being able to trouble shoot on your own.

Just imitating someone’s work wont teach you anything. If you are experiencing issues, post the specifics and we can try to help you. Complaining that your copied code isn’t working doesn’t give us anything to work with.


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