I wanna make a 2.5D platformer.

Updated on July 26, 2014 in  [G] Say Hello!
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1 on July 26, 2014

So far using javascript i have been able to make a nice moving and jumping char.
I have made Changing levels.
I have made cllectables(Coins, Health)
I made shooting like small round bombs that explodes after a desired amount of time.
I am more of a designer than a coder. but i wanna learn the majic. TE CORE.
The thing that makes everything get life.
I know VB,A little of JS and a little of C#

Please help me make my platformer

So lets talk about what it consists. I already started making it and i can give you a protoype.
The char is a little cube. He jumps on platforms. I want several platforms such as the ones hat falls after you are on them for a little while like in super mario.
i want rotating platforms.

The goal is to collect stuff and get score  just like in an arcade game.

so help me not become a programer but THE programmer

If admin enabled the image function 4 me i would show u but i cant i ll put a link to download

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0 on July 26, 2014

Hey TechMate Welcome to the forum. 🙂

You already have 60% of the mechanics for your game ^^ and thats good, I would recommend watching the Brackeys series Make a Game (Skip the parts that you already have done like Coins, Health, Changing levels, etc). He uses JavaScript so it’s good for practicing, also he teaches how can you grab all the mechanics you have done and mixed it together so you will have a game. 🙂
For moving platforms watch this video.
For falling platforms watch this video.

(Images are enabled but you need to upload them by yourself and use the link).
Here is a good site to upload images. Postimage  ^^ 🙂

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