I guess this is the new thing so here it is: “A story of gamedev” starring: Job

Updated on June 1, 2016 in [D] Stories
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1 on June 1, 2016

Welcome to “A story of gamedev” starring: Job.

When I was in the second year of high school, age 14 at the time, I already knew I wanted to learn to program and create my own so called ‘stuff’ but I never knew how to start or where to start. At the time I followed a Dutch Youtuber that was studying Game Development, and one day he made a video where he said he had created a group for people that where already into gamedev but also for people who wanted to start. So I joined the group.

Sadly this group got stopped since it was highly inactive and nobody in it got anything done, since I was still learning I couldn’t really do a hole lot at the time so I left the group.

At the sixth of August I joined the Brackeys forum. Brackeys had helped me a lot learning Unity and game development and he is one of the big reasons I am still actually doing it so he definitely deserves a thanks for that.
After some time spend on the forum, about 1 year and some months without being that active, I decided to put it to a rest for a few months due to the struggle of getting ideas I, with my lack of creative skills, could create. Some months passed and I went back to the forum ready to start developing again and I got highly active on the forum this time.

My first game Match The Bricks, came to my mind when I decided to create a simple yet hard game for phone like “Flappy Bird”. And I did, I mean it definitely didn’t look good or anything but it was my first game actually seeing a release and I was proud of where I got even it took me about 1 and a half years to release it, worked only a few month on it but counting the time it took to start with it as well, I still was proud I got somewhere and my mom was to she found it amazing what I did even if it didn’t look good even if it meant me spending most of my time on my room behind my computer.

And now here I am I’ve released a second game, that still didn’t look good but the programming was harder and more challenging to do. And now I’ve gotten myself into a network where I will be contacted to create a game where the art is already done, including animations, it doesn’t matter if I ever will get this chance but I got into it and that’s what counts.

I am also very proud with my dedication to this forum I’ve always wanted to be part of a great community which, even when it goes a bit less well with it, still makes me happy and proud somehow.

I also really want to thank Brackeys for being a big part of making my life like this (even though I don’t make any money of my games). I would also like to thank Dion and HunGARE for being amazing about the past 2 years that I’ve been on this forum. And my last thanks just goes to the complete forum which is just an amazing community. Thanks guys!

To bad it’s a story you wanna know you have to read!

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0 on June 1, 2016

Thank you too Job, great story 🙂

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