How to make smooth camera follow zigzag player in 2d mode

Updated on April 7, 2018 in [A] 2D
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1 on April 6, 2018

Ok, but you still haven’t told be what the “player” does or what a “path” is.


What’s the difference between normal movement and path movement?

If they can move w/o the path, why do they use the path?

Does the player make a path while the game is running, or are you gonna make the path in the editor?


Go make 2 scripts. One for the player and one for the path. You don’t have to write any code for them, but I need you to define them with their variables. Once both have all the variables they’ll ever need to work in the game you’re thinking of, post both of them in a new thread, and I’ll help you from there.

on April 7, 2018

Player is your main character of the game. its very simple you are not understanding my point.  Player can be anything you like. for example i am creating a platformer game the character i moving in the scene to go back and forward in the game is my player.

The path mean there is way in the game if character collide with first point of path then it will autocomplete its destination without any input. mean translate from 1 point to another (example like tween motion ) mean path will move that guy. 

path movement can be advance if we like to add stuff like can shoot in the path or rotate.  I want just simple movement from 1 point to another .

path is make in editor and used in game play mode only.

If I know how to make path visually 😀 then i will be making that and not asking anything here because i am new to unity and c# programming.


Path is Gameplay Logic or element or you can say some advance movement system.

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