How to create Dictionary app with database

Updated on November 24, 2017 in [C] Beginner
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3 on November 23, 2017

Hi guys,

want to create “Dictionary app English To other language ” with a huge database “offline” that I can update it regularly.

I see a lot of tutorials on youtube that make a (simple) dictionary English to English, not useful to me.



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2 on November 23, 2017

Check out Oxford Dictionary API. It doesn’t have built in offline stuff but you can evey now and then download more common words and store them offline. Just make sure you aren’t doing everything at once as they may ban you for over using the API.

on November 23, 2017

Which is why an api exposed to everyone should be rate limited



on November 24, 2017

It probably is, but I haven’t seen anything on that. And I’m not willing to test.

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