How many poly/tris can unity/average comps handle

Updated on September 3, 2016 in [A] Modeling
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2 on September 3, 2016

I know there are heaps of factors to take into consideration here, but am just trying to get a ball park figure of what would still run in unity and most household computers.

I looked at online multiplayer games to see how many poly/tris the chracters have and I’m finding they have way more than my teacher was saying we should. I know you want as low poly as possible, but there’s also a balance of low poly vs detail.

What would be the threshold for most multplayer online games, with say something like 8 characters on screen at once.

I’m close to testing two different characters with vastly different poly/tries. 1 has 10k of tris, the other 4k. I’ll end up seeing for myself too, just thought it would be nice to pool from others experiences here.

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1 on September 3, 2016

Polycount isn’t that important on PC’s (anymore).
Of course you shouldn’t have too many. What you should really worry about is the amount of gameobjects, lighting performance, shader performance and your own code’s performance.

on September 3, 2016

Yeah I got that feeling. I imported a bunch of models and they were easily 15k tris etc (just for testing, not use in game). Seemed fine. I guess the code performance is my biggest thing to keep an eye on. Least now I know I can finish my model and she should run. 

Thanks for the advice.

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