How Brackeys is the greatest tutorial giver for Unity yet

Updated on March 12, 2018 in Discussions
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0 on March 12, 2018

Hello everyone! ( including Brackeys )

       I am here today to start a poll on if Brackeys is a great tutorial giver for Unity or not!


      I have been learning a lot from Brackeys tutorials and I think a lot of other people do too! I am only 9 and have been making games since 2016 at age 8. I have a plan that I will make a company called ItZ Slasher Productions and be a huge team that makes games and gaming systems! ( if they are still relivant XD )

What I want you guys to do:

       I want you guys to discuss or vote on if Brackeys is a great tutorial giver for completely free I may remind you ( except the fee of your certain device 😀 ) or not! If you do argue, this post will be removed. Thank you and goodbye!

-Conner [ C.E.O ]  of ItZ Slasher Productions ( not yet copyrighted in any way )

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