Hi all – problem with forum account

Updated on February 2, 2018 in  [G] Say Hello!
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1 on February 2, 2018

Hi.I’m looking for help from moderator/admin of the forum.


I have a problem with the verification of my account, i have the message “You need to verify your account before creating new Threads/replies”


I have created this other spare account using another email to write here this message, but i like to use the original one (when i solve the problem… and then delete this one second account)


My “real” account name is “Nuke”: this is the profile page:




can someone re-send me the verification email so i can use the forum and can post or reply??


Thank you in advance for the help. sorry for my bad english.

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0 on February 2, 2018

i forgot to mention i haven’t found a “resend” button for the verification email in the account page or other place in the forum, and also double check my spam folder in the gmail account.

Thank you.

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