game supports different screen resolutions

Updated on June 6, 2017 in [A] GUI
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2 on June 5, 2017

hey all . i still learning unity with brackeys youtube channel … and i really like it ..

i made a lot of games with unity but every time i try to build any of these game and open it … some objects gets out of the screen , some gets bigger and some gets smaller .. i really tried a lot of things but i failed every time …¬†

for example i made a curve fever .. i do all steps in brackeys tutorial … and it was amazing .. i really like it ūüėĬ†

as shown , i have a Main Menu scene with just a simple start button 

and in unity game window it is works very good .. and there is no problems at all 

and u can notice it in my recorded video

but once i build it up …¬†

that what happens in the video below  ..

then the start button goes out of the screen at some of resolutions as shown up 

help me please !!

and sorry if i go so long showing u my problem 

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0 on June 5, 2017

Every UI element has anchors (those little white triangles), they define the elements relativity, how that elements size and position is relative to the parent.

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0 on June 6, 2017

Usually I set my canvas up like this:

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