From which course shall I start Game Development ?

Updated on July 4, 2018 in [A] Brackeys Courses
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7 on March 13, 2018

Hey can you tell me that whether first I have to learn blender then
move on to unity engine to create games or should I first learn unity
then move on to the blender and yea tell me whether first I have to
learn C sharp first then watch your tutorials or can I directly start
from your unity tutorials ?

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5 on March 14, 2018

Hey Shrezor,

It honestly depends on what you’re trying to do. For starting off, I recommend Brackeys “How to program in C# – Beginner Course”. Understanding the basics of programming, especially with a language like C#, will help you tenfold when learning in Unity.
If you’re antsy to get started with developing a game, check out the “How to make a Video Game” playlist. Using blender is not a necessity, since Unity’s asset store is full of  free content so I recommend holding off on learning that until you’ve gained some experience with programming. This is all purely my opinion based on what i’ve experienced.

Let me know if you have other questions. Hope that helped some.



on March 15, 2018

Hey thanks for replying ,

So you’re saying that I should start with the beginner c# course I’m confused with the two how to make a video game playlist that cube game one or shall I start with the C# beginner one ?

on March 15, 2018

Yeah, I would suggest the beginner c# course if you’ve never worked with a programming language before. The link to the playlist below.

Click Here

on March 15, 2018

See I know some other programming language ,

You’re saying that I must learn C# before but there is a beginner playlist on how to make a video game so shall I check that before and then move on to C# or first C# that was my question ?


And yea can you tell me a channel like Brackeys to learn Unreal ?

on March 15, 2018

C# is one of the industry standards for game development, so I would recommend learning it. Since you have prior experience programming, look into the videos revolved around the Unity Engine. That would include the “How to make video games” playlist. The beginner C# playlist is aptly named. It is more for someone that has never touched programming. It could still prove to be useful for brushing up on your understanding but isn’t critical. 

Unreal actually has a youtube channel with a ton of useful content. They also constantly run live streams of their latest updates. Check out these playlists.

on March 18, 2018

Can you tell me that what is the purpose of learning blender if Unity already has it’s own animation program and assets ?

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