Suggested Updates to User Profiles.

Updated on June 7, 2018 in General
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2 on June 7, 2018

Some forum updates would be nice.
While not the direct purpose of this forum, the user profiles haven’t really changed in over 2 years. I haven’t really noticed any significant updates to the site, which is fair enough as the forum isn’t monetized. However, as social interaction is the basis of a healthy community.
I have a few suggestion for updating user profiles:

  • Replace Google+ (lol) with a GitHub link.
  • Ability to link to Steam, YouTube and other platforms.
  • Ability to do basic text formatting inside user profile pages (even just hypertext & lists).
  • Maybe the ability to update your actual sign-in/ @username.
  • Maybe add badges or something to profiles for extra competition. 

While I doubt any of these changes will be made considering the forum’s moderators still have to  manually delete spam posts for prostitution, I still wanted to share my thoughts. After all, a fresh coat of paint couldn’t hurt.

Thoughts about new/updated forum features are more than welcome. I’m interested in knowing how everyone else would improve the forum if they could.

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1 on June 7, 2018

We’ve done some work on a new forum, which will go live once it’s ready. (Can’t give a date, sorry)

This forum runs on a wordpress plugin and has very little customization.
It won’t be updated anymore. But hopefully we’ll have a shiny new one soon!

on June 7, 2018

Sweet! Nice to know it’ll be getting a makeover, thanks for the info.

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