Efficient ways of handling animations

Updated on June 14, 2017 in [A] Animation
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2 on June 13, 2017

So I just want to get this out the way, I’m not asking for anyone to do the script for me, but instead asking for some help deciding the best route please.

This is my first game and we finally have one characters animations fully done. There are a lot of animations and some will need to hold off on doing parts till certain user inputs are met, for example. The character jumps into the air, spawns an axe, then aims and throws the axe. We will have more than 1 character by the end to. So is there are good tutorial (series etc) that I can watch to get me in the right direction? 

I’ve seen some but they seem so very inefficient and for less complex animations. I had a couple in already (they will be replaced, as we have better versions, of said animations), but the way I was handling them, just doesn’t seem the best. They were just being called with the user input, which meant that the animations didn’t line up with the damage etc. 

So this is a brackeys tutorial on handling sound and seems to be pretty efficient. Something like this, but for animation handling (I know I can’t do the exact same thing). 

any advice would be awesome thank you. 

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1 on June 14, 2017

You can achieve some pretty amazing stuff with mecanim in Unity (the animator window). Maybe you’ll find better results if you try searching for mecanim tutorials.


on June 14, 2017

Yes the wrong wording really can mess you up. Thanks for the tip. I haven’t searched that, but have heard many referring to the mecanim, not knowing what it was. That’ll be useful, as I’ve seen some people have complex(ish) but neat mecanim before. Though they weren’t tutorials, just a glimpse through another video. 

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