Displaying Equipped Item – RPG Tutorial

Updated on May 28, 2018 in [A] Tutorials
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0 on May 28, 2018



(Click on the link above to view a visual version of my issue below)


I’m currently creating a survival horror game and I am using Brackey’s RPG tutorials in order to create my inventory. You can currently pick up, drop, and equip items.


When you equip an item, in this case an axe, it moves into the necessary slot in the equipment list and then you can use these nifty little unequip buttons to unequipsaid axe, and it’ll move back into the inventory.


I am trying to get it so that the correct icon displays in the equipment menu depending on what you have equipped, and have currently had no luck.


Your help would be appreciated, but please note that I am relatively new to programming so any uber complex language will be lost on me :\

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