Custom painted terrain/plane

Updated on November 23, 2017 in [A] Other Answers
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0 on November 23, 2017


This is my first post on here so I apologize if I do something wrong 😉
I’m currently trying to develop my first tower defence game and I am a beginner with unity. 
I followed Brackeys tower defence course and I’ve taken a course on udemy where i made a few games.
I wish to create a 3d isometric game but i don’t want to use terrains because I’m not very good with them and I’m afraid they will be to heavy for mobile devices (which are the target platform).
I thought that maybe i could use tree and rocks prefabs, a simple plane where I paint a few texture on (grass and roads), use some nodes to define available positions for turrets and set a few empty gameobjects which show the way enemies have to follow(enemies path).
Considering that I’ve not started yet to develop the game please feel free to suggest other ways to accomplish the best result. The brackeys’ tutorial simply don’t allow to set a customized enviroment and he said that it could be too demanding on mobile devices since he uses a lot of cubes.
The real question is: is there a way to paint textures (like on terrains) on gameobjects like a plane for free? I know there are a few paid assets online but at the moment i really can’t afford them.
Thank you for any further help,


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