Connecting to localhost: 7777.. on the NetworkManagerHUD, but never succeeds in connecting

Updated on February 14, 2018 in [A] Tutorials
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0 on February 14, 2018

Hi Folks,

how are you? Am new to Brackeys forums, and just need to seek some help on Brackeys tutorial E03 on Networking:

In tutorial: Networking E03, on , I tried to click on LAN (Client) icon from Brackeys’ files. It says “Connecting to localhost: 7777.., but never actually connects successfully even once.” , until it times out.

Strange. The same thing happened when I do a Build and Run, as LAN Client is still trying to connect to localhost 7777.., but never succeeds eventually.

There are no error messages either.

However, when I click on LAN (Host), the connection is 100% successful.

I actually am already using Brackeys files from Github History. And never modified anything else from his original MainLevel01 scene. So, am puzzled it doesn’t work, or is there a Windows Defender or Firewall or Antivirus issue, or am I missing out on something? 

Much appreciated if someone can advise, or give suggestions on what else I had left out doing.






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