Collisions are getting ignored in child objects in Unity

Updated on April 11, 2017 in [A] Animation
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2 on April 10, 2017
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I am working on a game in unity gamengine. Character controller on child object not colliding with any object. I have also tried using colliders with and without rigidbody, but still character is not colliding with colliders. It is only colliding if collider or character controller is attached to the parent object containing the root motion animator. Why is that happening? As I want my collider to jump with character and trying to attach the collider with bones but none is colliding too.

You can watch the video too: Collision bug video

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1 on April 10, 2017

Does you lantern have a Collider?

on April 11, 2017

Yep, as you can see in the video the street light also have a capsule collider. Actually when I set the character controller on parent player ogject, the colliders are colliding, but when I put them on child object of player, it is not working.

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