C# mapping & location awareness

Updated on May 6, 2019 in [A] Other Answers
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0 on May 6, 2019

Hi Brackeys & co.

Firstly – thank you for all your work you make freely available, you are the reason I even started trying to learn c#..

I have a question around mapping and I hope someone can point me towards an article or a class/function I could use.

I have a standard x/y scatter / plot chart in excel that populates the location of all “stars” from a table containing all the x/y coordinates. It also generates distanced to each coordinate, “star”, based on current location. This is so I can only move to stars within ‘X’ range.

Now I’m moving all the mechanics out of excel into c# win forms. How best can I achieve the same effect of this “star chart”?

Thanks in advance!


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