C# in Console Application – Library management

Updated on November 13, 2018 in [A] C# .Net
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0 on November 13, 2018

Hi all Master

I have just leant C# for month and have a project on library management write in Console Application

Still not know the method and how to start 

Could you show me how to do with this:

Manage a library program

Function list:

  1. Add book
  2. Delete book
  3. Edit book
  4. Find book
  5. Add reader
  6. Delete reader
  7. Edit reader
  8. Find reader
  9. Create a book order
  10. Create a book return
  11. List of late return book
  12. Exist

Kindly choose requirement function: 1



Write a program in console application as above

After user choose 1 function, program process that function and keep return showing list of all functions so that user could able to use another function

  1. Add, delete, edit, find BOOK (code, book name, author, publisher, shelve) There are 2 types of book: English and French (wirh ISBN)
  2. Add, delete, edit, find READER
  3. Create book order and return sheet. Each book lend for maximum 7 days (including Sat and Sun)
  4. List of Reader that lend book for more than 7 days and fine that he/she must pay:
    1. English book: 10 USD / late day
    2. French book: 20 USD/ late day
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