Burn an object and convert into ash

Updated on September 27, 2017 in Challenges
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2 on September 12, 2017


I am working on Fire simulation. So far I am able to fire up the objects using Particle Systems. But the next stage is convert burnt part of the object into ash? just like real wood burning. Could you please help me on this?

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0 on September 26, 2017

hello piyushnit,

maybe you could take an object, make a second prop but in pieces, then make another prop of that in pieces and so on, eventually ending up going from one object to 2 4 8 16 3 64 128 256 512 and so on untill you’re satisfied. then, decay. and leave and ash object on the ground? Thats really the “easy” way to do it…

for one, its not efficient,

two, its not the best

and three a lot of effort put into the props.

what you could do… 

Use shaders. But i have no clue how they work so sorry that i cant give you a better awnser.

(maybe porkbeans knows?)



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0 on September 27, 2017

Best way is to use a tesselation shader that “melts” your object.


Here’s a good tutorial covering that: 

Vertex Displacement – Melting Shader Part 1

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