Bugs in FPS tutoral

Updated on May 22, 2018 in [A] Tutorials
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1 on May 19, 2018


I did put the second player in there intentionally because the bug seems to only happen when there are 2 players in the scene.


That third gun in the bottom left of the Game Window, that’s my first bug, my 2nd bug is that all 3 guns fire when I try and shoot. I also have a post about my weapon damage and hit effects/ raycasts not working, but I thought I’d make a separate one for this one.


Also, that null reference error in the bottom, is referring to my “if (firerate >= 0) {Shoot();}”

but all of the objects and behaviors are implemented in correctly.


I can add any scrips that are needed, just ask.

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0 on May 22, 2018


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