Brain Run for your brain

Updated on February 8, 2017 in  [S] Finalized projects
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1 on January 30, 2017
Hi guys, our new game is available now on Google Play.
Please write your feedback.
Every feedback is very important for us.

THIS APP is here to challenge your mind. Solve the math expressions.
Become faster by solving basic math expressions as quickly as you can.
And no doubt you will get your part of ADRENALINE by enjoying this game.

Download Link  Play Market
YouTube           Game Trailer

Just tap the screen to change the direction of the cube.


Enjoy 😀


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0 on February 8, 2017

It is a good idea, but i think there i still things that have to be done and to be polished. It may be my fault, but i have a problem with looking on the bottom to solve the math expression and than look to the top to see the options. But looking good that far 🙂

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