Best way to implement multiplayer in rag doll battle royale based stick fighter

Updated on September 17, 2018 in [A] Multiplayer
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2 on July 17, 2018

Hey guys, new here and was wondering on what the best way in your opinion to implement multiplayer would be in my game. (not looking for code just ideas). I’m going for a battle royale type game with as many players as possible (up to 100) although 20 would be fine.


Firstly some info about my game:

    • The game is all about physics, no animations except for walking, everything else just happens from collisions etc.


    • The body of the character is ragdoll based.


    • Procedural Terrain (still lots to do in this department but I’ve got a basic voxel generation system going, will be improved soon.


Secondly some networking stuff:

    • Ive looked into a couple of different options, unet, photon and assorted other multiplayer systems, I originally wanted to stay with unet or photon but am happy to change.


    • So far I have pretty much just copied Brackeys fps multiplayer example.


    • I really would like an authoritative server but as far as I understand that is quite difficult (bare in mind I have not built many multiplayer systems), so far I have only succeeded building an extremely buggy unet system with one of the clients as host and standard settings, this kind of works and I could make it work although the physics may be hard to sync, I just want to make sure I’m not being stupid before spending a lot of time on this type of networking (rn all that happens in multiplayer is you can see the other player moving, no shooting works and other game functions don’t function very well).


    • I’ve looked into host migration and it doesn’t seem too difficult but still really would like authoritative to counter cheaters etc.


    • Bullets hitting players and associating physics are going to be very laggy in the current situation.

Thirdly here is a demo so you can see for yourself (reminded that multiplayer doesn’t really work, you can connect but not much else):

    • Just hit “Create room” the name doesn’t actually do anything the room name is randomly generated at the moment for developing ease.


    • If you would like to join a game (not sure why) just click on it under join game.


Cheers, any help on pointing me in any particular direction would be much appreciated. (Sorry for making you read through all that)


Thanks very much! hopefully, I get some responses lol 🙂

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0 on July 17, 2018

By the way, controls are:

  • WASD – Movement
  • E – Interact with weapons etc
  • R – Reload
  • RMB – Grapple
  • LMB – Fire


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0 on September 17, 2018

Please say that you play stick fight the game

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