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Updated on December 12, 2017 in [A] C# .Net
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1 on December 12, 2017



I’m currently making battleships as an assignment in school. I’m almost finished with the code but I have encountered a problem. I have written my code in such a way that the computer will always shoot at random targets.


 aiShotX = randomNumber.Next(1,6);
aiShotY = randomNumber.Next(1,6);

how can I make so if the computer once shot X = 5 and Y = 3. Those coordinates are dead and won’t be shot at again? 



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0 on December 12, 2017

If you are using a gameObject to hold your projectile shot you can use OnCollisionEnter to check if the object collided with that point on the playing board. 


Here is an example:


//This holds the coordinates that have been hit
 Dictionary<int, Vector3> hitCoords;
//This is used as an index of all of the contacts
 int contactCount;
void Start()
    contactCount = 0;
    hitCoords = new Dictionary<int, Vector3>();
void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
    //Contact X Coordinate
    int hitPointX = (int) collision.transform.position.x;
    //Contact Y Coordinate
    int hitPointY = (int) collision.transform.position.y;
    //Contact Z Coordinate
    int hitPointZ = (int) collision.transform.position.z;
    //3D position of the contact point
    Vector3 hitArea = new Vector3(hitPointX, hitPointY, hitPointZ);
    //Checks if the contact point has been hit and if it has returns
    if (hitCoords.ContainsValue(hitArea))
    Debug.Log("Position already hit!");
    // If it gets here it adds one to the index
    contactCount += 1;
    //Adds the position at the index contactCount
    hitCoords.Add(contactCount, hitArea);
//This prints all locations that have been hit
 void PrintAllExistingHitAreas()
    Debug.Log("Current Locations That Have Been Hit: ");
    for (int i = 1; i <= hitCoords.Count; i++)
        Debug.Log("Position" + i + ": "+ hitCoords[i]);
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