Audio Send Question

Updated on December 12, 2018 in Discussions
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0 on December 12, 2018

Let’s say you had a multiplayer turn-based “boardgame” idea…


Player 1 connects to Player 2…


Player 1 sends Player 2 a crazy picture of an animal, creature, thing…


Player 2 has a “Record” button which they push when ready and record what kind of sound they think the beast would make! Then they “send” that recording to Player 1.


Player 1 gives a rating, award, goofy emoji…whatever which registers back on the Player 2 side “Award received” idea. 


Seems like this would be simple to do, but scouring through UNET (soon to not exist) and Assets like DarkRift, EasyNetwork, Photon, etc…it seems that one can’t “send” a sound file over a network! Is this true? Plenty of “live streaming audio” options, but I’m honestly looking for a turn-based style like Words With Friends where time can pass between turns. 


Thank you so much for any ideas to accomplish this. If your idea gets us working I’ll put you in the credits!!! 😉

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