Animation 2D Sprites Flicker or Disappear Completely in Build but not in Editor

Updated on July 30, 2018 in [A] Animation
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0 on July 30, 2018

I’m having a problem with my builds not showing up the way they are in the editor. The game works fine in both editor, and in the build, however, the majority of the sprites that make up the animations of my character, enemies, and a few other things, often drop some of their frames giving a flickering effect. Sometimes the animations put in a completely different sprite as a frame all together. If I wasn’t clear, all of my animations are made up of different sprites that are switched out every frame. It’s not just the animations that are having issues, though. Some sprites that are connected to prefabs that get spawned in don’t show up all together. The box collider for the sprites is there though, since when my player touches the area that the sprite is supposed to appear, the appropriate sound and animation (for the player) plays. My pause menu, again, looks fine in the editor, but one built, has switched to some other distorted sprite. I’ve attached an image below.

I’ve ruled out sorting being an issue. All of my sprites are located on the default sorting layer and have order in layer values from -20 to 20. I also tried by removing my background all together, and the animation flickering and the sprites not showing up, or changing altogether still happened. I’ve tried changing a number of player and quality setting, but no luck. I have no errors showing up in the console, either.

If anyone knows what might be causing something like this, please help me out. I’ve been on hold for over two weeks now trying to find a fix to this.


YouTube Video for flickering issue:

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