AI Navigation question for Tower Defense game

Updated on June 21, 2017 in [D] Game Dev. gossip
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2 on June 21, 2017


I am new to the forums, but have recently finished Brackey’s series on the Tower Defense.

It was such a good series, but I would love to expand a little on the game.

I would like to add the feature to be able to maze…or wall-off the path that the enemies take.

So far I have considered the NavMeshAgent, but the speed component sort of messes things up, as it is not easy to control an enemy taking a turn at a corner, and the series focused a lot on the speed component in a lot of its code so I don’t quite want to mess with that too much.

Has anyone taken an added approach to add a maze component to their game? If so what methods did you use to do so?

If you have done something similar in the past, did you use something like NavMeshAgent,  A*, or come up with your own means for shortest navigation path?

I’d appreciate any input or help on the subject.

Thanks in advance,


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1 on June 21, 2017

well, in Tower Defense Style Tutorial, brackey’s method its the really easiest one from the view of a novice, if you can go deep on that you can check Sebastian Lague pathfinding tutorial:

and in youtube there’s a loot of tutorials about pathfinding, you can also dowload these packages from the asset store to study the scripts about pathfinding!/content/85612!/content/20087!/content/5106

if you found something easier let me know 😛 

(sorry for bad english)

on June 21, 2017

Thank you! I’ll gladly look into those.

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