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Hi I am Quentin and I am a 23 year old novice. I have always loved the idea of creating video games. I am quite busy right now since I am in dental school currently, but I still enjoy learning as a hobby. I found my way here through watching Brackeys unity tutorial’s on YouTube. I have never taken a class, so everything I know (which is limited) is self taught with the aid of great tutorial makers such as Brackeys.

Before watching the unity tutorials, there was a large gap in time where I did anything related to programming. My first experience came with teaching my self a bit of html, in grade school (not knowing anything about languages and powers and purposes other than html made websites). So I toyed around with a never published website to learn a bit of coding. In high school, I got into programming on the TI calculators and one day I sat down (during class) and said lets see if I can make pong from scratch based off the knowledge I have gained from tutorials. (closest thing was a snake game in the tutorials). It was not amazing, it had poor gameplay/AI but dammit I was proud of my work and creation based on what I learned. At this point I was excited and started doing some c++ tutorials, but I never used a game engine and i think that was why some of my code didnt work when I followed tutorials, and I didnt quite understand the explanations of object oriented programming. Its been a few years, and I found Brackeys tutorials on Unity and I am back at it! (Oh and about a year ago I toyed with making webpress websites)